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What goes on when the Sun goes down at Temptation Cancun Resort

Theme Nights At Temptation?

As the sun goes down and the day begins to fade, immerse yourself into the world of the unknown. Thrive on the excitement as you discover the secret signature theme nights that have been prepared especially for you

Temptation Cancun & Spa
Superheroes Theme Night Temptation Cancun Resort


Monday Night

As we were growing up we all fantasized about being able to shoot webs from our wrists, catch master criminals or even turn into cat woman. Tonight, bring out the sexy superhero in you!

Dress Code: Favourite Superhero

Heaven & Hell Theme Night Temptation Cancun Resort

Heaven & Hell

Tuesday Night

At Temptation, everyone has the ultimate choice to make. Picture yourself standing before the pearly gates. Will you enyer the clouds of heaven or pass through the gates of hell? Your choice of dress will tell

Dress Code: Angels & Devils

Bash Bar Snacks Temptation Cancun Resort

Lingerie Lounge

Wednesday Night

Adding lingerie to any party can transform any good party, into an extraordinary party. So, go ahead and slip into something sexy and revealing and let loose

Dress Code: Sexy, Classy Lingerie

Bash Bar Snacks Temptation Cancun Resort
#TBT Temptation Theme Night Temptation Cancun Resort

#TBT Temptation

Thursday Night

Everyone loves a blast from the past so don't miss #TBT at Temptation! Turn back the hands of time and dance through the decades. What decade will you be rocking?

Dress Code: Your Fave Decade

#TBT Temptation Theme Night Temptation Cancun Resort
Imperial White Night Theme Night Temptation Cancun Resort

White Night

Friday Night

White, the icon of elegance, is like a blank canvas open to the creation of anything the mind can conceive. Imperial White Night will submerge you in a dream world of elegance and seduction.

Dress Code: Trendy White

Let It Glow Theme Night Temptation Cancun Resort

Let It Glow

Saturday Night

Tonight, Temptation will let it all glow, under the neon lights. Feel the adrenaline rush as you get lost in the music and lights, as you dance all night. An evening where everyone and everything glows in the dark

Dress Code: White & Neon Colours

Bed Time Bash Theme Night Temptation Cancun Resort

Bed Time Bash

Sunday Night

A night when getting an early night is the last thing on your mind. Express the true you at Temptation's adult Party in your sexiest or comfiest of Pyjamas

Dress Code: Fun Pyjamas

Bed Time Bash Theme Night Temptation Cancun Resort

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